January has been a busy month for our volunteers!

Kat FulmerSpecial thanks for the outstanding crew that showed up for the dirty work of cleanup and preparing our new kennel facilities - Bill King, Steve Campbell, Denise Campbell, Rex Fulmer, Tom Morin, Mike Warkentin and Lorna Trigg.

Gratitude goes also to Cindy Van Horn (for delicious home baked muffins sent for our hot chocolate break) and Dawn Anderson and Carmen Caldwell for the materials donations

...and to Kat Fulmer for the sewing project (new doggie pillow)!





Tom Morin

Tom MorinTom Morin with puppies - 'Special Assignment' Volunteer

Tom has been doing morning care for the new mom and her 5 puppies.
"The pleasures of retirement are greatly enhanced by volunteer opportunities," says Tom, "especially with lovable critters like these!"







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